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A Traditional Japanese Martial Arts School for Adults & Children in Colorado Springs, CO
We are currently enrolling new adult and child students.  No experience necessary.
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Aikido FAQs
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FAQ:  I don't know much about AIKIDO and I'm not sure if it's right for me or my child.  Can we come watch or try a class?

Certainly.  You are welcome to come watch, but we'd strongly encourage you to try a class with us for free.  There is no comparison between watching Aikido and actually feeling it.
FAQ:  Is AIKIDO a safe martial art for children to learn?

Yes.  Aikido is very safe for children to learn. In fact, one could suggest that Aikido is one of the safest martial arts for children to learn since Aikido involves no punching, no kicking, and no sparring.

Since children's bodies are still growing and developing we do modify some of the techniques a bit for additional safety.  

Aikido is not just about the techniques though, Children will also learn how to fall and roll safely, how to develop self-discipline, how to treat themselves, other people, and their surrounding with respect.  So, Aikido is very safe for children and it will help them develop into a well-adjusted young adult.
FAQ:  At what age can my child start learning AIKIDO?

We accept students as young as 5 years old.  If they're old enough to sit in a classroom, they're old enough to train in our martial arts school (called a DOJO) for an hour or two.  

There are very important principles that Aikido offers which benefit children at early ages and the training itself benefits children's cognitive and physical development, as well.

Adults can begin training Aikido at any age.
FAQ:  Your school doesn't make us sign those unfair, time-based contracts like so many other martial arts schools, does it?

No.  We do not have any time-based contracts to sign.  We understand that a family's finances can fluctuate unexpectedly and we don't want our Aikido program to be a burden on your families budget.  Therefore,  our program is a month-to-month tuition-based school.  This means that from the time you sign up to the time you choose to stop training with us, your committment to us is limited to one month forward. 

A good martial arts program shouldn't have to force you to stay with a contract.  Doesn't that make sense?
FAQ:  What is the class structure like?

The first hour of each class is centered around family Aikido including young children.  This is the time where children and adults train together and this time focuses more on the basics of Aikido.  

The second hour is the general Aikido class, which incorporates more advanced techniques and concepts.  This class is more geared toward adults.  Young children are welcome to stay for this second hour, but the first hour is usually plenty for them.  

For a current class schedule please call or e-mail us.
FAQ:  Where are you located?

We are conveniently located just east of Colorado College inside at 4345 Beverly Street - Suite F, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.  

Directions: From I-25 take the Exit150 North Academy Boulevard and head South-East for approximately 5 miles. Turn LEFT at Austin Bluffs Parkway then LEFT again on to Bevlery Street.  The Beverly Business Center is approxmately 50 yards on the left-hand side.  CLICK HERE for a map and directions.
FAQ:  Can I take AIKIDO classes with my child(ren)?

Of course.  Family training is encouraged and can be a powerful learning experience for the whole family.  Families that train together are often amazed at what they learn about the other members of their families.  An example would be a parent discovering that their child is capable of physically throwing someone much larger than themselves.

Parents will train with their children, but they will also train with the other adults in the class, too.
FAQ:  Is AIKIDO a good martial art for adults to learn self-defense?

Yes.  Aikido is a powerful martial art for self-defense.  Additionally, if you aren't solely concerned with self-defense, and you desire to learn how to balance your mind, body and spirit, then Aikido will likely be a good fit for you.

If your interest in martial arts is greater than that of just self-preservation and the fear that something hurtful may happen to you at some point in the future, then our Aikido training will allow your mind to be more receptive to the techniques and the teachings, making you a stronger martial artist.  

The key is to train well and train sincerely.

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FAQ: How much do classes cost?

Please give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss the adult, child, and family rates with you. (719) 246-1851
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