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"I feel like I am learning something useful.  Aikido helps me deal with hard situations in everyday life, it makes me feel calm and also helps me avoid pursuers while playing tag at school."

- Nick (age 9)
Aikido Testimonials
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"I love learning Aikido from Goettsche Sensei.  It's so much fun and he's really nice, too.  Our new school is really exciting!"

- Karim (age 8)
"The technique and energy from Goettsche Sensei creates a natural connection for my son to learn this amazing art.  I've seen improvements in my son's confidence, focus, and respect for himself and others.  This is a lifelong lesson and we're fortunate to have such a great teacher in our community."

- Ray, Aikido Parent
"Aikido makes me feel like I can do just about anything and I really like Sensei's classes."

- Blue (age 9)
"Goettsche Sensei is a fantastic teacher possessing a perfect balance of both compassion and  technical expertise.  His classes are inspiring and I always feel as though I make significant progress when I train with him."

- Sean, Aikido Student
"I have known Goettsche Sensei for 12 years.  I have been training directly under him in Aikido for two years now and have enjoyed his style of teaching, his patience, and his expertise in an art I have come to respect greatly.  I highly recommend him to any prospective student looking to train in Aikido." 

- Gihan, Aikido Student
"I find Goettsche Sensei's Aikido to be incredibly strong and martial. His depth of knowledge in the art and commitment to the Founder's vision never fail to impress me. He's truly one of the best Aikido instructors that I've come across."

- Kriss, Aikido Student
"Sensei Goettsche successfully balances his easy going attitude with attention to detail and his incredibly powerful technique in order to teach this lifelong study of Aikido. ."

- Greg, Aikido Student
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"I appreciate the patience and thoughtfulness of Goettsche Sensei's teaching techniques.  He takes the time to know each student as an individual and to support his or her training."

- Stacie, Aikido Parent
"My son has been studying aikido with Goettsche Sensei for a couple of years now. Aikido has been good for building my sons self-esteem and self-discipline. Goettsche Sensei works really well with children, he has the patience and understanding. His students love and respect him."

- Marciella, Aikido Parent
"I like learning Aikido from Goettsche Sensei because he really knows how to defend himself.  He is a great teacher and I really like his classes."

- Brandon, Age 9
"Sensei shows us very cool stuff that I can do if somebody tries to hurt me.  "

- Mason, Age 7
A Traditional Japanese Martial Arts School for Adults & Children in Colorado Springs, CO
"As a parent, I really like the positive and supportive environment of the teachers and students at the dojo. It feels like a family, and my son had really connected with the people there. I think this is a great place for my teenage son to burn off some energy and build relationships with people who will encourage and challenge him."

- Cindy Yandell
After a 20 year break, I decided to rejoin a local Aikido dojo again and introduce Aikido to my 5 year old son as well. My son and I are very lucky to have found Sensei Goettsche and his relaxed and yet passionate style is exactly what I was looking for. The genuine respect and shared positive energy amongst all of us is why we have no plans of leaving anytime soon and chances are that a third member of our family will be joining as soon as she turns 5 as well.

- Mike & Kieran Panah
Our dojo is a friendly place—we have students of all ages, both men and women, boys and girls, and of various ranks.  People are welcoming and students seem committed to learning and advancing, though not competitively.  In fact, students seem to enjoy helping each other learn techniques, working carefully and thoughtfully with each other... our training takes place on many different levels—physically, of course, but also intellectually and philosophically.      

- Janice Gould
Goettsche Sensei ‘s approach to Aikido allows everyone to participate fully and gain a true appreciation and understanding of this dynamic martial art. His expertise and patience have been particularly helpful to me as a 61 year old “beginner”. As a result of his training, all of the students in the dojo are accommodating and very friendly. Domo arigato gozaimashita, Sensei.    

- Grant Deming
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