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Greg Johnson

I find that everyone I train with at Ten Chi Aikido is dedicated to making everyone else better in this lifelong study.

The classes here are upbeat, challenging, and help us as students progress to the next level of understanding ourselves as well as those around us.

- Greg Johnson

Janice Gould

Our dojo is a friendly place—we have students of all ages, both men and women, boys and girls, and of various ranks.  People are welcoming and students seem committed to learning and advancing, though not competitively.  In fact, students seem to enjoy helping each other learn techniques, working carefully and thoughtfully with each other... our training takes place on many different levels—physically, of course, but also intellectually and philosophically.      

- Janice Gould

Grant Deming

Goettsche Sensei ‘s approach to Aikido allows everyone to participate fully and gain a true appreciation and understanding of this dynamic martial art. His expertise and patience have been particularly helpful to me as a 61 year old “beginner”. As a result of his training, all of the students in the dojo are accommodating and very friendly. Domo arigato gozaimashita, Sensei.    

- Grant Deming

Andrés  Ramirez

I was looking for a martial art that did not require doing splits or kicking above my head, also no big ego instructors.  At Ten Chi Aikido, I have found :Respect, Humbleness, Family, Tradition, and lots of action!      

- Andrés Ramirez

Camryn - Age 11

I like training here because it's active and I am learning to protect myself.  I really like the instructors because they are really helpful and nice.  The other kids in class are nice too and are good partners to work with. I've made a lot of friends here too.

- Camryn

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