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Each of our top ranking students shares the responsibility of educating and teaching new students. Check out our senior students and their stories below.

Johnson Sensei

Greg started his Aikido journey 22 years ago in Durango, Colorado. He started training with Goettsche-sensei in 2009, and has been a dedicated student since then.

In his teachings, Johnson-sensei tries to instill a sense of fun and sincerity while simultaneously expanding the awareness of his students.

Greg's foci for this year are shihonage, zanshin, and relaxation.

Johnson Senei
Hearn Sense
Hearn Sensei

Jason started his Aikido journey 5 years ago here, at Aikido Koshin Shuri. After pursuing martial arts for most of his life, he found his way to Aikido.

Jason embraces the uniqueness of each student’s style in his teaching. He believes that through following basic techniques, students can have a firm foundation to develop their own style and movements where slight variations in technique create a harmonious symphony of movement and connection.

The focus for Jason this year is connecting with uke. He communicates this connection by helping uke to feel his one point, but also being able to turn the tables on an attack from a disconnected nage.

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